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Welcome to AYA Natural Skin

Our Story....


AYA Natural Skin started with a passion for natural, effective skincare solutions, embracing the wealth of nature's offerings and meeting our values and beliefs rooted in health and sustainability. Recognising the increasing demand for gentle and environmentally friendly products, the company started by exploring and creating a unique line of botanical-based skincare solutions focusing on the remarkable properties of raw fermented papaya. 

AYA Natural Skin's philosophy is based on principles of seed-to-skin, sustainability, and treading lightly. This exploration led to a deep dive into the world of botanical ingredients, uncovering their potential to nourish and protect the skin. A particular focus emerged on the unique benefits of raw fermented papaya, a fruit rich in natural enzymes and antioxidants, which are known for their skin-rejuvenating properties.

During a family vacation, a child with sensitive skin experienced a reaction to topical products. A traditional remedy involving raw fermented papaya provided immediate relief for a flare-up. Experiencing this moment of resourcefulness inspired us to harness the natural healing power of this unique botanical ingredient. Witnessing this struggle fueled the company's dedication to developing safe and effective solutions for all skin types and needs. 

Through extensive research and experimentation, a unique fermented papaya balm was developed. Featuring raw fermented papaya as a key ingredient, this balm offers a gentle yet effective solution to soothe and nourish the skin. The fermentation process further unlocks the beneficial properties of the papaya, enhancing its potential to promote healthy skin. AYA Natural Skin created AYA balm, our first and hero product, in 2011. We refer to AYA Balm as our hard-working, multi-tasking balm that does it all.  

Initially intended for a close circle, the positive feedback on AYA balm, with users reporting significant improvements in their skin's health and appearance, sparked a wider demand. From a personal quest for wellness, AYA Natural Skin evolved into a thriving brand dedicated to providing natural alternatives for healthy skin.

Today, AYA Natural Skin continues its commitment to offering naturally derived products that promote inner and outer well-being, focusing on harnessing the power of raw fermented papaya for healthy skin.