AYA Natural skin…it’s our love language.

Love your skin? We do!

AYA Natural Skin is all about beauty in its most natural and simplest form. Skincare begins with us, and how we choose to love and care for ourselves.

Nourish your skin with the essence of Papaya when choosing our 100% natural, papaya-infused skincare range. 


AYA Balm, our first and most loved product is an ‘anything for everything’ multipurpose balm. 

Discover the difference in our AYA BALM, a 100% natural, raw fermented papaya-infused balm that is created with you in mind. We believe holistic skin repair comes from the heart. And out of our skin.


Hand-Crafted Skincare as Close to Nature as You Can Get.

Committed to our environment, we select sustainably-sourced ingredients with the nourishment your skin needs to thrive, embodying nature in everything we create. 


Bringing Out the Natural Beauty in Everyone’s Skin.

Our skin deserves to shine just as we do. For over a decade, we’ve crafted earth-friendly products created to rejuvenate and restore your skin. AYA Natural skin strives to bring new life to your skin with ingredients you can trust.


Loving Skin Care is at the core of our being

As a family-owned and managed business, we are committed to ensuring quality and integrity while maintaining a holistic balance when crafting our range. Enhancing well-being is our highest priority.

Nourishing Your Skin with the Power of Papaya

AYA Natural Skin is formulated and manufactured in our laboratory, where we ensure that everything from sourcing to testing is carried out with care and compassion. 

AYA…From Papaya with Love