Local really is lekker! 8 reasons to shop local this festive season!

Thank You For Shopping Local

We’re already rolling rapidly towards the festive season… and all that goes with it. That’s why we’re preparing our shopping lists early - and planning ahead to skip the chaotic malls and shop local instead!

We know that you can’t purchase everything you want or need from a local company. And that’s totally ok! Any effort can make a huge difference. That’s why we’re zoning in on gifting season as a time to go the extra mile when it comes to conscious shopping. 

There are so many reasons to support local artisans, products, craftsmen and more. Sure, as a Durban proud business we might be a little bias to the fact. But we’ve also got a first hand understanding about the positive impact that localisation has on the community!

Why shop local?

We’ve got reasons-a-plenty, but let us break down the most NB for you...

  1. Malls are awful. Seriously - is there anyone who doesn’t get clammy thinking about bustling through dense crowds, trying to buy a list full of last minute gifts? *sweats profusely*

  2. Mass made, imported items can come at a cost. For your wallet, the environment and local economy. The carbon footprint created by these large scale production companies and mass importing is further fueled by consumer demand. 

  3. You vote with your money. What you choose to buy or support in turn creates the supply and demand. Yeah, you’ve got the power. Now own it!

  4. It strengthens the local economy. Yes we can confirm that everytime you support a local product, an entrepreneur does a happy dance. By supporting independent entrepreneurs and brands - you’re helping strengthen the local economy and community. 

  5. Buy less. Choose better. Let’s face it - mass made, mass imported items are often not the best quality and many gifts land up in landfill sites a few months later. Whether it’s kids toys or stocking fillers - spending your hard earned money on long-lasting, individually crafted gifts can result in less consumer waste.

  6. Unique presents are the best presents. During a time of love and giving, it's easy to get bamboozled with the pressure to spend on flashy, big-ticket gifts. These dime-a-dozen items won’t necessarily mean as much as as unique and thoughtfully-chosen local product. Go for the surprise element and get ‘em something truly original! 

  7. Supporting local businesses = supporting job creation. It just keeps getting better! Most new job opportunities are created by local businesses. Shopping from local brands means that they can grow and make room for new employees!

  8. It’s fun. Heading to festive markets, researching local brands and discovering new and inspiring pieces is just plain awesome. We can promise the kick you’ll get out of sourcing something truly memorable, will be so much greater than standing in a snaking queue on the 24th of December. 

We are so proud to be a part of a community of creators and makers. Take it from us out on the frontlines - that there is SO much variety to choose from when shopping local. From kids clothes and toys, to (ahem) natural skincare, home decor, art, fashion and antiques - the options are endless and locally available. 

If you’re planning on getting gifts this season - why not see how many you can source from a rad local business? If you’re in for the challenge - head on over to our Instagram and let us know what you’re getting so we can share the brands and suggestions with our Aya family. 

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