Heritage Month: Getting back to basics.

In honour of Heritage Month, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane - all the way back to our roots. Care to come along and share your Heritage with us too?

AYA was born out of one woman’s quest to cook up a sustainable, eco-friendly and effective remedy for a variety of skin problems. In fact, it was our Founder Keren’s mother, who suggested papaya as the golden solution to a family skincare dilemma. This passed-down motherly wisdom birthed Aya’s first multi-purpose, super-magic Aya balm. 

Our brand heritage and beginnings are founded on at-home remedies. So we thought we’d share a few more old wives wise women's solutions that we still swear by.

Got these in your cupboard?

The basis to loads of handy home-made cleaning or personal use remedies tend to include:

  • Vinegar (Grape or apple cider)
  • Lemon juice
  • Coarse salt
  • Bicarb 
  • Coconut oil

There are countless ways to combine these simple ingredients to create non-toxic and unfailing scrubs, sprays, disinfectants, naturals deos and even toothpaste! Or failing which, you’ve at least got the makings of a really good salad dressing (minus the bicarb).  

Non-toxic all purpose cleaner

Mix one part vinegar, one part water and some sprigs of rosemary of lemon rind to give it a fresh scent. Combine in a spray bottle and use it all around the kitchen. The acidity cuts through grime like a boss! Cost effective and sans harmful chemicals too. 

Sulphate and fluoride free toothpaste

Mix up a tablespoon of bicarb with a tablespoon of soft (but not melted) coconut oil. Add a couple drops of peppermint essential oil. Pack into an empty Aya balm tub and give this tooth whitening, gum soothing natural toothpaste a whirl. 

Psoriasis soothing hair treatment

Anyone who wants shiny, bouncy hair (without the chemicals) can use this one! We just have it on record that it’s especially helpful for those with a scalp condition. Gently massage bicarb onto a wet scalp and leave for a few minutes. Mix 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar to 1.5 liters of water and rinse the scalp. Rinse once more with water as cold as you can stand! You’ll find your scalp noticeably less inflamed and agitated thanks to the moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Repeat when you’re experiencing a flare up.

Acid reflux fix

While the taste is not so great - we swear by mixing a heaped teaspoon of bicarb to water. Drink this down whenever you’re experiencing a bout of overindulgence reflux or feeling like your digestion is not firing. Bicarb is a super effective way to alkalise without the side effects of continual use of PPIs. 

A few other quick tips from grandma’s closet:

Don’t knock ‘em ‘til you’ve tried ‘em. We’re glad to have these in our arsenal of at-home quick fixes:

  • Trying to remove the sticky mark left from a label or price tag? The natural oils in peanut butter help wipe it off with ease!
  • Polish up your new brass plant pot with half a lemon dipped in coarse salt. It’s like Bill Nye the Science Guy but for adults. 
  • Almond oil + your cuticles = best friends. Keep a small bottle next to the bed and massage in a few drops at night and give your next mani a miss. 
  • 91% of the time - milk will help draw out a fresh stain. Just make sure to soak the stained item immediately in some milk and then wash with cold water. No hot water or heat as this will lock it in!

These are just some of our Aya team’s tried and true remedies - passed down from grans and mums. Or in some cases, good old Google. We’d love to know some of your at-home solutions or family recipes. Pop by our Instagram or Facebook and share with us! 

Have a beautiful Heritage Day, Aya family. 


Team Aya

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