Black Friday is WACK Friday.

Ah yes, it’s *that* time of year when the BUY! BUY! BUY! anthem rings extra loudly through radios, mobiles and magazines. Be warned! Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the days of mass spending promoted in between, are coming for you. But! We’re prepared. We know better. Choose better. And will sail seamlessly into December with our money in our wallets and our waste out of landfills. 

Care to join?

The ultimate answer to climate change and environmental disruption is often touted as waste management. And we agree - recycling is AWESOME. But the even better thing to do, is for us to not create the waste in the first place. 

While recycling and upcycling is a fantastic and necessary solution to some of the unavoidable waste we might be responsible for, the game changer really comes in at the point of sale. 

Less really is more. 
More saving. More environmentalism. More time. More space. 

Anti consumerist much? 

We’re not here to push Marxist propaganda. But we are here to share our insights about excessive consumption and the consequences thereof.

It’s no secret that we live in a time where access to excess is at its peak. Factories churn out millions of products to keep up with demand and as a result, more precious resources are used in production and ultimately more waste is created. And with all that in-your-face advertising we’re exposed to on the daily, it’s hard not to feel like you’re falling behind. 

Listen, we’re not an unrealistic bunch. We know you can’t avoid purchasing things altogether. But there are ways that you can buy less and choose better, instead of getting dragged  into a culture of overconsumption. 

However, if you’ve already been sucked into the black void of shopping sprees and maximalism - not to worry. It happens to the best of us! Here are some ways you can start making changes - for both your benefit and the planet’s.

Why buy less?

  • The biggest most NB reason? Less consumption results in less creation which results in less pollution and waste! This ultimately has the most positive impact on climate change and the depletion of Earth’s resources. 
  • Goodbye, anxiety! How great is it to be freeeeeed from the shackles of Keeping Up With The Joneses? No buyer’s remorse! No guilt trips! Huzzah! 
  • Take a load off. Fewer household or personal items to manage also helps keep stress in check. Marie Kondo might attest to this. 
  • Save! Just think of all the moola you’ll save when you’re able to get in control of your spending habits by simply - buying less stuff!

But how?

Some tips to consider before heading to the store - when you really, really need something. 

  • Choose better quality items that will last longer 
  • If something does break or age - see if you can repair or restore it before you replace it.
  • When you gotta spend - shop local. It’s another great way to find quality pieces, lessen your carbon footprint and support small scale, local industry. 
  • Check out second hand options first. A unique, antique side table is better than the one you’ve seen a million times on Pinterest anyway.  
  • Try avoid trends. Honey, you know you’re binning that neon PVC backpack in 2 months. 
  • Learn to make your own household basics like cleaners and toothpaste. We’ve got some recipes for you over here!

At Aya, our contribution is to keep our range small and succinct. We create hard-working products that offer a multitude of benefits. Our pledge is to offer a concise collection that doesn’t rely on you purchasing the full range to experience the benefits. Our favourite thing is seeing little tin tubs of Aya balm that have been used down to the core - rather than tossed in a bag with 7 other balm varieties. 

We are always looking to innovate but we also champion the idea that you can buy one product to cover a variety of skincare needs. 

Team Aya xxx

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